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A & R is not just an air conditioning company. We repair refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, garbage disposals, washing machines, and dryers. When these trusted appliances break down in your home, it can be a trying time. For $65 we will schedule an appliance repair call. For your convenience, we have added some standard information about appliances to help you make decisions on whether to repair or replace your appliance.

Average Lifespan of Major Appliances

Appliance Average Life Span In Years Cost of New, Low, Mid & High-End Common Problems & Repair Costs with Parts & Labor How New Models Have Improved Over the Last 10 Years or More
Range 8 to 12 $400
Igniter/surface burner won't heat ($145); Erratic thermostat ($250) Sealed burners to keep out spills; easier-to-clean surfaces on electric ranges; more self-cleaning models
Refrigerator (top-mount or side-by-side) 8 to 14 $550-$700
Replace door gaskets ($300); New defrost timer ($240); Malfunctioning icemaker/dispenser ($375); Compressor won't cool ($550) CFC-free sealed systems; improved energy efficiency (uses about 50 percent less than 1980 models); designed to offer more storage and easier cleaning
Washer 7 to 12 $450
Water pump leaks, won't let water out ($150); Drive belt breaks ($135) Drive motor stops ($250); Transmission leaks, locks up ($315) Larger capacity; better cleaning performance; quieter operation; pre-programmed cycle selections; reduced water usage
Dryer 8 to 14 $400
$700 $1000
Drive belt breaks ($175); Worn door switch ($175); Heating element fails ($200) Larger opening; quieter operation; automatic dryness sensors to avoid over drying and to save energy
Dishwasher 7 to 12 $500
Water valve won't open ($175); Motor/wash system fails ($350) Quieter operation; reduced water usage; improved energy efficiency (33 percent less than 1972 model); more flexible interior design for easier loading; soil-sensing capabilities to customize wash cycle